Chris Hani's life story told through opera


File: As a military commander Chris Hani speaks about fighting capitalism and oppression during the Rhodesian Bush War (Zimbabwe) in 1967.

SOWETO,Johannesburg - Opera is for everyone. 

That&39;s Gauteng Opera&39;s message, and they&39;re hoping that lending opera a local theme will resonate with its Soweto audiences this season.

They&39;ve created a piece called "Hani" which looks at the life and times of the slain anti-apartheid leader Chris Hani, his contemporaries and their struggle.

Director Warona Seane said, “Hani is an invocation of the spirit of Chirs Hani as opposed to it being fully about the life of Chris Hani. So you see a writer who wants the spirit of Chris Hani to come back to be present in the nation."

Creating an operatic production is not for the faint-hearted, but organisers hope that all this effort will bring new audiences to love opera.

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