Errol Dyers, Cape guitar legend, dies aged 65


The album cover of musician Errol Dyers's album, 'The Best of Errol Dyers and Friends'. Dyers has died in Cape Town, aged 65.

JOHANNESBURG - Guitar maestro Errol Dyers, 65, has died after suffering from emphysema for an extended period.

Although from a musical family, Dyers learnt his music on the streets of Cape Town and was best known for his fusion of Cape jazz and Goema music.



During his extended career, he performed alongside artists including Winston Mankunku Ngozi, Abdullah Ibrahim, Basil 'Manenberg' Coetzee and Robbie Jansen.


Dyers released numerous albums during his career, including Remember – District 6, with Lionel Beukes, Sammy Hartman, Monty Weber, Basil Coetzee;


Sonesta'; 'Kou Kou Wa'; and 'The Best of Errol Dyers and Friends'.

Dyers was a member of the Sheer All Stars with Paul Hanmer, McCoy Mrubata, Sipho Gumede and Frank Paco. They recorded two albums, 'Indibano' and and 'Live at the Blue Room'.

He was most active in the Cape Town jazz scene and in recent years played with drummer Jack Momple's Cape Jazz Band and in collaboration with pianist George Werner, bassist Peter Ndlala and drummer Carlo Fabe.

More recent albums include ‘All in One’ with Hilton Schilder and Steve Newman.


In 2016, Dyers performed with guitarist Steve Newman and singer Angel Rose.


Dyers played on Abdullah Ibrahim's Mantra Mode, a celebration of Cape music after Ibrahim's many decades in exile, with Johnny Mekoa, Basil Coetzee, Robbie Jansen, Spencer Mbadu and Monty Weber.