Euphonik defends himself, takes a swipe at 'toxic' Bonang


Euphonik at the Ultra Music Festival 2015 on February 13, 2015 at the Penthouse of The Pepperclub Hotel on February 13, 2015 in Cape Town.

JOHANNESBURG - Popular DJ, Euphonik has hit back at ex-girlfriend Bonang Matheba in a letter titled &39;My story&39;.

This follows after women&39;s magazine Marie Claire cast the 5fm DJ in a no-violence against women campaign, dubbed In Her Shoes. 

The magazine was criticised for including Euphonik, who allegedly physically assaulted Bonang in 2012.

In an open letter posted on his website the DJ wrote about his &39;toxic relationship&39;. 

"Did I physically abuse my then girlfriend? No. Not at all. This she lied about," the letter stated.

"On the night of the alleged abuse, we had a heated argument. I had turned to leave when she tried to stop me. I pushed her body away from me and walked out. She was not injured when I left so I can’t comment about where her facial wounds came from as I was not there to witness that."

He also defended his inclusion in the Marie Claire campaign.

"Men and women – accuse and get accused of abuse often in our country and I hope by being part of this campaign I highlight the seriousness of abuse not only in South Africa but globally. Abuse is a great injustice to anyone it affects, male or female," he said.

I’m fully aware that being part of this campaign will not lift the cloud I’ve been carrying over my head for the last 3 years and I’m aware that I’ll always be known as “that guy, ” Euphonik wrote.

"I was tried and prosecuted via social media and by tabloid publications, not the courts or the legal system. Sadly everyone with an opinion made their own conclusions. While I understand why everyone made the assumptions they did and believed that I had hurt her, I stand by my story that this is untrue," he concluded.

In an interview on eNCA&39;s News Night the Mari Claire&39;s Editor Aspasia Karras apologised for using DJ Euphonik in the campaign. 

"We made an error of judgment in our choice of personality for this campaign. Being a magazine with a legacy of supporting women’s issues, we should not have approached someone with a history of alleged abuse. We realise our mistake. We will do better."