'Inxeba' embarrassing: leader of traditional religion institute


A poster of 'The Wound' on display at a cinema.

JOHANNESBURG - The founder of the Icamagu Institute, Dr Nokuzola Mndende, says she is embarrassed by the movie Inxeba: The Wound.

On Friday, protesters disrupted several debut screenings of the movie --  which tells of a young gay Xhosa initiation teacher -- in the Eastern Cape.



"That movie has humiliated the Xhosa tradition," Mndende said.

"I’m worried about the sponsors.  I don’t know whether they know what is involved in the rite of passage because this is a rite of passage and any rite of passage has to be respected ... has to be understood within the context of that particular ethnic group," she said.


But there has been a backlash to the protests.

Inxeba has garnered 19 international awards and bagged seven South African Film and Television Awards nominations on Friday,  including for best actor for the lead character played by Nakhane Toure. 

After a meeting with the Films and Publications  Board on Friday, the CRL Rights Commission said it was agreed that the National Film and Video Foundation must apologise for funding the movie and get the producers of the film to include a disclaimer that the portrayal of the initiation practice in the film is not a true representation.

"This disclaimer will also address the reference to Jesus and Shaka Zulu potentially being gay, which is blasphemous, and that it infringes on the dignity of both AmaZulu and Christian communities," a CRL Rights Commission statement said.

It said subtitles in future movies should be more carefully monitored.