Kelly K's traditional healer to spill the beans


Kelly Khumalo's traditional healer Bhaka Nzama promises to tell all.

JOHANNESBURG - He is the closest thing South Africa has to Kim K -- a celeb famous for, well, just being famous!

And now traditional healer and headline grabber Bhaka Nzama is set to let us into his world!

Bhaka has kind of disappeared from the limelight ever since Kelly Khumalo taught him a lesson in a hotel room earlier this year.

But the controversial herbalist promises to tell all when he lets fans into his life on this week&39;s episode of Rolling with...

“I do things that you wouldn’t believe. We’re are in the business of healing. Many have tried to heal people, but they have failed.

"My success doesn&39;t sit well with them… I need to ensure that I am safe," he says.

His manager, Shilex adds: “He never gets out of the car immediately. Security checks need to be conducted to make sure that it&39;s safe for him to come out.”

“I met Kelly at a Jazz Festival on December 26. We exchanged numbers for business purposes.

"I called her to make a business appointment. What I’m telling you is the truth, straight from the horse’s mouth," says Bhaka.

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- The Juice