Labyrinth star Jennifer Connelly remembers 'hero' David Bowie


US actress Jennifer Connelly poses on the green carpet at the 12th annual Zurich Film Festival, in Zurich, Switzerland, 26 September 2016.

Jennifer Connelly admits David Bowie became a "hero" to her when they made 'Labyrinth'.

The 45-year-old actress played teenager Sarah in the 1986 cult fantasy film - one of her first major roles - alongside the late singer who played the Goblin King and she has nothing but fond memories of working with David on director Jim Henson's film which contained an amazing array of puppets.



In an interview with the Metro newspaper, she shared: "It was very sad. I have wonderful memories of working with Bowie and making that movie. In those days, they really did build those sets and those puppets - it was an extraordinary place to be for someone who was just 14. I had a ball making that movie and David Bowie was a big part of it, he really became a hero of mine. He made everyone feel respected and appreciated."

PICTURED: Screengrab from the 1986 movie, 'Labyrinth' -- one of the movies in which David Bowie starred. Here he played the part of Jareth, the Goblin King. CREDIT: Jim Henson Productions / The Kobal Collection / The Picture Desk

The 'American Pastoral' star has also opened up on how she used to feel "intimidated" by some of the big stars, such as Dennis Hopper, she worked with as a teenage actress.

She said: "I knew who Dennis Hopper was. I was 17 and I was aware of his legend. And I also knew about Muppet creator Jim Henson when I worked with him because of his age. I remember being really intimidated when I was a little kid and I remember I had to audition with Robert De Niro and being nervous. I was certainly aware I just took it more in my stride then."

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