The rise: Patty Monroe

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Patty Monroe is 20 years old, she was born and raised on the South side of Cape Town in a place called Southfields Retreat. This Cape Town native is carving a solid path for herself with her Hip Pop sound.

JOHANNESBURG - The 20-year-old Patty Monroe was born and raised on the South side of Cape Town in a place called Southfields Retreat. She is the youngest of three children and spends her evenings at the gym, writing lyrics or trying to find solutions to the plight of the less fortunate.

This Cape Town native is carving a solid path for herself with her Hip Pop sound which argues fan times, enjoying oneself, and being mindful of one&39;s privileges. She says her music aims to help people to somewhat escape the hardships of everyday life, “I just want people to feel good about themselves, like if you have problems just put them aside for a while and live in the moment, that’s what my music is about man.”

“I want people to believe in themselves the way I believe in myself and the way I believe in them.” She adds.

Her love for hip-hop was sparked when her older brother took her to Night of the Beat Bangers at the age of 15. Now only five years later she has over 7 000 views on her single High Fashion on YouTube, she is gracing bigger stages which are far from her humble beginnings, where she was performing in small cafes, at poetry gigs and high school shows.

Speaking about her determination and the hardships of taking the route of an artists She says, “When nobody was there for me hip-hop was there, to me hip-hop is life.” writer Okuhle Magcaba got a chance to speak to her and this is what she had to say.

OM - How would you describe your style?

PM - Fun, spontaneous, vibrant and colourful. It matches my personality, think jelly tots.

OM - What difficulties have you faced as a female MC?

PM -  The same as anyone entering a new industry. All you want is for people to take you seriously. And recognise the art in the music. If I decide to show some skin, I am doing it for myself I can&39;t be be responsible for other peoples actions but my own, so what I do to get my music I do it decide.

OM - What influences or informs your music?

PM - Whatever is going on in my life, the people I spend my time with and my heart.

OM - Going into a platform like The Durban July, what do you expect from this?

PM - I don&39;t want to put expectations on anything in my life, but all I can hope for is that the people are able to relate to my music.

OM - Where would you like to see your career going as a Hip-Hop artist?

PM - I want to be the one women that makes her mark in the industry and have people look at my career as a blueprint.

OM - Name five of your favourite SA Hip Hop track.

PM - The Saga - Anatii, Salutas - Youngsta, Seven – KiD X ,Mahambayedwa Khuli Chana

OM - If you weren’t an MC/Hip Hop artist what profession would you be in?

PM - In the profession of healing people. Some way some how.

OM - What is success you?

PM - When expensive becomes cheap lol. When I&39;m able to not stress about the next and can just be happy with what I have.

Checkout the video for her single High Fashion

Vodacom Durban July

This year Patty Monroe performed on one of her biggest stages for any artist in this country at the Vodacom Durban July. She got on stage to about 5000 people waiting, and in greeting she lifted her voice “ WHATS UP ZULU KIINGDOM!,” with that she had the crowd on her side, they responded in kind, as if giving a nod for her craft. “I didn’t know it (Vodacom Durban July) was such a big deal, until I got on to stage and I felt the energy.”

“With every performance I say this was the best experience ever, but I have to say so far the Durban July stage was the best.”

Patty Monroe is determined to grow her craft and become a force to be reckoned with in Hip Hop, her simple rap style resonates warm lyrics and a playfulness that makes you want to let yourself go for a minute or two.

“My music is for anyone willing to lend an ear.” Patty Monroe.