Rose McGowan speaks about sexual harassment


Actress Rose McGowan speaks t the screening of 'Lady in the Dark' during the 2017 TCM Classic Film Festival on April 9, 2017 in Los Angeles.

DETROIT MICHIGAN - American actress Rose McGowan has spoken about sexual harassment and the need for diversity in Hollywood.  



She was speaking at a women&39;s conference in Detroit.

It’s McGowan’s first public appearance since she accused film producer Harvey Weinstein of assault.

Weinstein has been accused of sexually harassing around 40 women in the industry.

Meanwhile, the number of powerful men facing similar allegations has been growing.

A social media campaign has also been trending around the world with women sharing their experiences of sexual harassment.

The Me Too campaign gathered over 12-million posts and reactions on Facebook within its first 24 hours.

It was tweeted about one-point-six-million times within a week

"Hollywood may seem like it&39;s an isolated thing but it is not. It is the messaging system for your mind. It is the mirror that you&39;re given to look into: This is what you are as a woman. This is what you are as a man. This is what you are as a boy, girl, gay, straight, transgender, but it&39;s all told through 96 percent males and the Directors Guild of America.

"That statistic has not changed since 1946. So we are given one view. And I know the men behind that view.  And they should not be in your mind and they should not be in mine. It&39;s time to clean house" said Actress Rose McGowan.