Shashi Naidoo receives death threats over Gaza comments


Model Shashi Naidoo has come under fire over negative comments she made about Gaza.

JOHANNESBURG – Shashi Naidoo has reportedly received death threats over comments she made about Gaza on social media. 

One of the model&39;s followers criticised her after she posted a photograph of herself with DJ Black Coffee on Instagram. The follower called out the musician for performing in Israel earlier this year. 

Naidoo responded by calling the Gaza area in Palestine a "sh**hole", and accused Gazans of trying to "annihilate Israel". 

At least 129 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli fire during protests near the border with Gaza that began at the end of March. No Israelis have died.

Following a strong backlash on social media, the model deleted her comments, but not before screengrabs of them were circulated online. 


Naidoo then apologised in an Instagram story. 

But for many, this was not enough. Naidoo later also posted a tearful message on social media, insisting her apology was sincere.



Naidoo continues to be lashed on social media and some have threatened violence against her. Some companies she has worked with have distanced themselves from her comments. 


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