Star-struck in the presence of Proverb


21 MAy 2015 - Proverb talks beef, authenticity and lyricism.

JOHANNESBURG – I usually hate morning shifts but this one was extra special.

Walking into the office, grumpy and wondering why I love my job, I had a pleasant surprise: Prolific South African rapper Proverb was sitting casually in the lobby, rehearsing for the upcoming Sunrise appearance.

My morning gloom was quickly forgotten as I tried hard not to display groupie tendencies, which are not recommended for any professional workspace.

Failing to contain my idiotic smile and star-struck condition, I lapped up every minute of his deliverance as he flawlessly caroled the lyrics to one of my favourite tunes, Women from his popular album Tha book of Proverb.

After composing myself, I caught up with the emcee for an off-the-cuff discussion about lyricism, beef, and authenticity in South African hip hop.

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