WATCH: Sir David Attenborough as he narrates Adele's new single Hello


British singer Adele, posted this image on her Instagram account, as she announced the release of her single "25" in October 2015.

Sir David Attenborough best known for writing and presenting the Life series for BBC Natural History Unit, set down with graham of BBC One&39;s Greg James radio to narrate Adele new single.

Before he starts Attenborough asks the host "Really? Will Adele be cross with me?"

To which the James responds, "I think Adele would probably love this more than anything in the whole world."

Attenborough with a haunting voice, opens by describing the first scene of the video " The year is 2015 the world appears to have a green tint to it, but the also seems to be some dead insects on the foreground..."

The veteran writer continue with his narration of &39;Hello&39; managing to add a reference to his new BBC show The Hunt in the mix.

To watch Attenborough&39;s rendition of &39;Hello&39; click on the above video.

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