First private primary school for Vosloorus

Margert Tyobo in 2017 revealed plans to build a state of the art private school in Vosloorus. She’s achieved her goal and now photos of the finished product have gone viral on social media. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Ayanda Primary School founder Margert Tyobo says hard work and a lot of sacrifices are the reason she has managed to achieve her goal of building the first state of the art private school in Vosloorus.

"I sold my Range Rover, I sold my house in Knyasna, my holiday house in order to fund this project because it was my passion and I took all my investments and until I was left with nothing. I tried to get a loan but the banks rejected my application," said Tyobo.

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Tyobo first opened the doors of Ayanda Pre-School in 1988 after she could not find the right school around Vosloorus for her son.

"It started in 1988 when I was looking for a creche for my son and as I went around Vosloorus I couldn't find the creche that I was looking for because education to me, I expect to find something unique."

Photos of the completed primary school have gone viral on social media and Tyobo says moving forward she would like to build an academy.