Five celebs who have accepted their calling

Many local stars have accepted their ancestral calling and have gone on to become traditional healers.

Instagram / @boity

JOHANNESBURG - A few local celebrities have stepped out of their glamorous lives in order to accept their ancestral calling.

Stars including Boity Thulo, Buhle Mda and Letoya Mekhane are a few of the celebrities who have shared their journey towards becoming a traditional healer with the world.

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Below is a list of some of the celebrities who manage to to juggle their busy schedules while honouring their calling:

Mascheba Ndlovu

The TV and radio presenter recently posted pictures on social media that indicate that she has accepted the calling to become a sangoma.

Ndlovu posted a series of images, including one with sangoma Gogo Dineo with a lengthy heartfelt caption where she described her as a friend and teacher.

Buhle Mda 

Buhle Mda took a break from being the lead vocalist for The Soil in order to pursue her calling.

Mda officially graduated as a sangoma in 2016.

Boity Thulo

Media personality Boity Thulo faced a lot of criticism in 2016 when she revealed that was a sangoma.

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Since then her life has been under the spotlight with many people constantly questioning her choices.

In an interview on Metro FM the media personality clarified that there is a difference between 'Boity' the brand and who she is as 'Gogo Boitumelo.'

Letoya Makhene

The South African actress has been vocal about accepting her spiritual gift and even runs her own practice.

She revealed during an interview with True Love that she once ran away from initiation school because it was too hard.

Lerato Mvelase

Singer and actress Lerato Mvelase shared that leaving for training was difficult because she had to leave her children behind.

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During an Interview Mvelase also revealed that there was a sense of emptiness before she decided to accept her calling.