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A Japanese study has found that craving carbs may not be your fault after all.
Last month "the craft of the miller operating windmills and watermills" was officially included on UNESCO's list of "the intangible cultural heritage of humanity".
Some 250,000 people turned out to the Mexico City's main plaza known as the Zocalo to devour the enormous brioche-style king cake, known as 'Rosca de Reyes.'
Suffering the after-effects of welcoming in the new year? Maybe this will help.
The fine dining restaurant in Milan cooks free meals with leftovers from shops, following recipes created by a Michelin-starred chef and other famous cooks.
French farmer Joffrey Dubault also offers oysters flavoured with shallots, another perennial accompaniment usually served finely chopped and floating in vinegar.
Even if you don't try all the recipes, it's entertaining just to watch beautiful dishes being made all around the world.
Afghanistan boasts nearly 100 varieties of grapes, which are grown across the country and celebrated in popular poetry, nursery rhymes and proverbs.
North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has become a Palestinian hero for condemning Donald Trump's decision to recognise Jerusalem as the Israeli capital.
A motion was brought to the EU Commission to ban the use of certain chemicals currently used in frozen kebab meat.
In Britain, 9.8 tonnes of bread have already been used to produce more than 300,000 beers, sold for between 2.5 and three pounds each (between R44.80 and R54.40.)
After sampling dishes from the top 8 Shisanyama finalists it was down to the consumers at the event to vote for the winner.
This vintage mode of transport is being used in the picturesque Franschhoek Valley to cart guests through the breathtaking vineyards.
This year the Nobel dinner is expected to delight with chic, delicate, and slightly experimental food, offering culinary variations inspired by the northern lights and ice.
The man behind the 'restaurant' was inspired by 'the current climate of misinformation'.
Hale and hearty, Marie-Louise Wirth calls herself a "little curiosity" who cannot explain her longevity.
Shanghai alone has an estimated 6,500 coffee houses, with small chains, independent stores and bakeries battling for a slice of the market.
Japan still tops the country table with 138 restaurants in the top 1,000 of the French classification -- which aggregates reviews from guides, newspapers and websites.
South Africans are foodies at heart and the booming food truck trend has everyone either running to food markets or hiring them for private events.
A charity released film apparently obtained from nine farms in Italy's Po valley exposing the 'shocking' conditions endured by exhausted cows wallowing in their own excrement.
Truffles, which usually look like knobbly balls of dark damp mud, offer a unique taste and are also prized as a symbol of high status.
The demand to find more food sources and a desire to treat animals more humanely have raised interest in using insects as a protein source in several Western countries.
Thanks to the upskilling initiatives of one man, Café Hemingway's has transformed into an accessible fine-dining bistro that created more jobs than it initially saved.
For months, the country has been gripped by worries that it is running out of butter, which forms the basis of many traditional dishes. would like to send you push notifications.
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