WATCH: Dubai brews world's largest cup of hot tea


Tea, teabag

Tea, teabag

DUBAI - Dubai has done it again, breaking yet another world record by making "the largest cup of hot tea" on Thursday.

A total of 120 chefs participated in the challenge. The "teacup" has a height of 3.66 metres, a top inner diameter of 1.42 metres, and is capable of holding a volume of 5,000 litres.

To fill the giant cup, 155 kilograms of tea-leaf powder, 270 kilograms of milk powder, 360 kilograms of sugar and other seasoners like ginger and cinnamon were used. Mixed with 5,000 litres of water in 60 pots, the tea was brewed for several hours to create the best possible and authentic taste.

A Guinness World Record representative present at the scene recorded and validated the new record. Afterwards, the hot tea was distributed to the many visitors present to witness the achievement.

"When I came to Dubai 25 years back, Dubai was a village. So the government, our leadership they started to build it up. In order to make people look at you, you need to do extraordinary things, you need to do special things to get 20 million people to come and visit the desert.

"They would not come if there would not be special things, so they have to keep doing, every time on and on they have to do special things," said Uen Michelle, participant chef of this challenge.

Setting new records is not new for Dubai, and is actually a strategy to attract more tourists to the city. Apart from the largest cup of hot tea, Dubai also has the tallest building and largest artificial island in the world.