Four-year-old boy reads 100 books in one day


Four-year-old Chicago boy, Caleb Green, has been described by his father as a superhero for reading 100 books in one day.

JOHANNESBURG - A 4-year-old Chicago boy has become an internet sensation after reading 100 books in one night.

Caleb Green&39;s father posted a note on Facebook saying his son had set himself "a crazy goal" but he and his wife couldn&39;t bring themselves to tell him it was unrealistic. 

"So here we are after searching the WHOLE house to find 100 books! ... He even invited his grandmother to help him!!!"



Whoa this is crazy!!! Caleb wants to read 100 books today! Here we go!!! Help cheer him on!!!! calebreads100

Posted by Sylus Green on Saturday, 9 December 2017

When the Green family realised they didn&39;t have 100 books, friends popped by to bring him some more. 

His father kept up running commentary on Facebook, updating friends and family on how far Caleb was in his marathon. 

When the little boy started losing interest, his parents reminded him to follow through with his goal, gave him some water and let him have a dance break. 



Break is over. We left off on 35. We are trying to get to 50 books before the pizza gets here!!!! Let&39;s see how many more he can knock out on his way to 100!!! Please share and help me cheer him on! calebreads100

Posted by Sylus Green on Saturday, 9 December 2017

And finally, Caleb reached 100 books. 


In an interview, Caleb said he wants to be a basketball player, an astronaut, and a ninja turtle when he grows up.