George Bizos on his new book and friendship with Madiba

File: Late Human Rights lawyer George Bizos.

File: Late Human Rights lawyer George Bizos.

JOHANNESBURG - Human rights lawyer and activist George Bizos has published a book titled 65 Years of Friendship, which details the strong and long lasting bond he shared with former president Nelson Mandela.

Bizos, who came to South Africa as a refugee, has played an incredible and indescribable role in South Africa&39;s liberation struggle.

He was not only friend of the marginalised, but also a close comrade and confidant to the father of the nation: Nelson Mandela.

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Speaking to Weekend Wake up anchor Ayanda-Allie Paine about apartheid and his friendship with Mandela, Bizos related an early incident when Mandela got into trouble with the authoritis.

"With his second marriage to Winnie ...he phoned me and said, &39;George I&39;ve married trouble....Winnie has been arrested, she is alleged to have assaulted a police officer....she came to the office dressed to kill....half-dressed, and been arrested.....I resisted arrest.

"  I don’t know what happened but he (the arresting police officer) lost his balance, i lost myself i wasn’t prepared to be half dressed and arrested,"

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