Trevor Noah thinks Donald Trump is trying to deport Melania

JOHANNESBURG - Daily Show host and comedian Trevor Noah thinks Donald Trump's immigration policies could be a ploy to try and get rid of his wife, Melania.

During his show on Wednesday night, Noah pointed out that some of Trumps immigration policies seem to directly target the first lady.

"I know it sounds crazy, Donald Trump wants to deport his wife? But if you look at Trump's immigration policies, a lot of people think he just hates immigrants but when you put them all together, you start to notice a pattern," Noah said. All of his policies seem to be aimed at his wife."

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Noah said the first lady was guilty of a number of immigration offences that the President has complained about, including immigrants who have sponsored family members for US citizenship.

"Yes, one of the things Donald Trump hates most about America's immigration policy is that immigrants' families can come live with them in the US, the problem? Melania's parents immigrated to the US that way."

He ended the show by encouraging viewers to show support for Melania on social media under the hashtag #dontdeportmelania.