Hennessy presents Hennessy X.O & Ice for the holidays

SPONSORED - A pioneering blend since it was first created in 1870, Hennessy X.O has remained unaltered for more than 145 years. Now, the Hennessy Tasting Committee expands the Hennessy X.O repertoire by pairing it with ice.

To accompany a more contemporary tasting experience of this sophisticated blend, this limited edition box of Hennessy X.O & Ice doubles as an ice bucket.


Hennessy X.O on Three Rocks: This very modern mode of appreciation takes a cue from Hennessy family tradition. Pour cognac into a tumbler over three large, crystal clear ice cubes. The gradual melt creates a surprisingly full-bodied experience, accentuating X.O’s candied fruit and spicy notes. Ideal for enjoying as the Hennessy family has done with friends for generations, as an apéritif or an after-dinner drink.

Hennessy X.O on One Rock: A bold revelation of X.O’s many eaux-de-vie. Pour cognac into a tumbler over a single, large ice cube. Its bracing chill accentuates the cognac’s character and aromas, showcasing Hennessy’s savoir-faire. Of-the-moment and ideal for sharing with colleagues and friends as an after-work drink.

Hennessy X.O Over Ice: A festive rule-breaker. In French, this mode of serving is known as piscine, or swimming pool. Place several ice cubes in a large, stemmed wine glass and pour X.O over, add a splash of cold water and stir. The ice quickly cools the cognac, revealing the blend’s purity and its subtle, invigorating spicy notes. Pairs easily with brunch, or enjoy with friends at cocktail hour or during a night on the town.

Hennessy House Mixologist on How to Create Perfect Ice Cubes

1. Make large ice cubes in order to slow dilution.

2. Use only mineral or filtered water.

3. Wet ice cube sides before serving to eliminate frost.

The Hennessy X.O & Ice limited edition box is available at Norman Goodfellows