Schwarzenegger won't press charges against assailant

Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has been assaulted while on a trip to Johannesburg. Courtesy of #DSTV403

JOHANNESBURG - Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger was assaulted while on a trip to Johannesburg but will not be pressing charges against the unknown assailant.

Schwarzenegger was attending the Arnold Classic Africa Festival at the Sandton Convention Centre.

While the 71-year-old former bodybuilder was interacting with his fans, a man ran towards him before launching himself feet-first into Schwarzenegger's back.


VIDEO: Arnold Schwarzenegger attacked at Sandton event 

The director of the Arnold Partner for Africa, Wayne Price, said the actor is not intending to open a case.

"It happened unfortunately, it is obviously an assault but Arnold absolutely has no intention of pressing charges," said Price.

Schwarzenegger took to Twitter and said that he only realised he was kicked when he saw the video.

He also asked fans to instead watch videos of the athletes instead of making the assailant famous.