IN TWEETS: Dove slammed for racist ad


Dove has been slammed for a racist Facebook advert.

JOHANNESBURG - International beauty and personal care product Dove, manufactured by Unilever, has been slammed for a racist advert, which it has subsequently pulled. 

In the advert, a black woman is shown changing her T-shirt and emerging as a white woman after using Dove lotion. 



Minister of Arts and Culture Nathi Mthetwa joined the chorus of voices slamming Dove for its racial insensitivity on Sunday. 




Dove has pulled the advert and issued an apology, but social media users say this is not good enough. 




This is not the first time Dove has raised racial ires with its advertising. 

Previously, it ran an advertisement showing women of different colour that created the suggestion that white women were cleaner than black women. 







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