'It's a Fine Line' art exhibition celebrates 20 years of the Constitution


Johannesburg, 28 April 2016 - How much power does our constitution possess? Thats one of the questions the Fine Line art exhibition wants South Africans to ask.The display is on showcase at Constitution Hill in Johannesburg.

JOHANNESBURG - Twenty years after South Africa&39;s Constitution was unveiled, an art exhibition wants to interrogate the power it possesses

The &39;It&39;s a Fine Line&39; art exhibition is being showcased at Constitution Hill in Johannesburg, with works by artist Dean Simon that tell the story of the country&39;s path to transformation.

Simon&39;s work was commissioned by the Ichikowitz Family Foundation.

“There have been so many elements of our history that have never been recorded visually. There’s documentation, some recordings and video material but very very few works of art that depict very very key elements of our history,” said Ivor Ichikowitz.

Anti-apartheid activist and former Premier, Mathews Phosa, said, “Pictures tell a story better than many words. And here we are sharing with our township folks who live under difficult conditions, who reflect about the pain of the past. The challenge of the past. But the vision of the future as well.”

With the hashtag IamConstitution, exhibitors hope to educate the youth on the significance of the constitution and politics in the country.

The artwork will be on display until Sunday.

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