Johnny Clegg honoured with ACT Lifetime Achievement award


South African singer Johnny Clegg, nicknamed the White Zulu, performs late on May 17, 2009

JOHANNESBURG – Veteran musician Johnny Clegg has been awarded the Arts & Culture Trust Lifetime Achievement Award for music.

The musician and anthropologist, who counts sharing a stage with Nelson Mandela as a career highlight, has produced over 19 albums in his career; as a soloist and with his bands Juluka and Savuka.

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“Culture is the prism through which communities construct their identities and vision of their future. 

“It is the deepest frame of reference a person can have because it includes language, values, beliefs, sentiments, art, technology and all the customs and practices a community employs to make sense of the world. It is a shared road map and multi-layered compass offering solutions to problems all humans experience. These solutions are passed down by one generation to the next and is what we call cultural tradition,” said Clegg.


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