Karoo 'tannie' invited to bake in Italy

A 63-year-old tannie from the Karoo has been invited to make some of her warm bread at a special event in Italy. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - A 63-year-old tannie from the Karoo is swopping the side streets of her local town for the high streets of Europe, all thanks to her roosterkoek (warm bread).

A group of Italian cyclists tasted it at a local event and loved it so much, that they invited her to make some of her warm breads at a special event in Italy.

Rosaleen Elize Van As or Tannie Poppie as she's fondly known is well known in her town of Laingsburg for her delicious roosterkoekies, that she sells on the side of the road.

People travel from near and far to get their hands on her traditional warm breads.

She says she cried when she found out she would be heading to Italy.

This will be Tannie Poppie's first time abroad, doing what she loves most.

"It feels wonderful, you won't actually believe me. When I received the message, I actually ran towards the field and I went there to cry.  I am so thankful and happy. All of a sudden I hear, I’m going overseas.  For me, it was a wonderful message because at 63 years old I'm now going to get onto a big iron bird's wings and fly over to Italy."

She'll be preparing her famous roosterkoek at a big annual cycling event titled, Eroica.

Watch the full interview with Tannie Poppie above