Khanyi Mbau 'challenged' by Red Room role

The local thriller Red Room has South African movie-lovers waiting in anticipation.The movie stars actress Khanyi Mbau and covers topics such as sexual and physical abuse. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - South African actress Khanyi Mbau describes her latest role in Red Room as challenging.

The local thriller stars Mbau and covers topics such as sexual and physical abuse.

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"It covers real issues of what's really happening right now, I mean with human trafficking and the women abuse. What women go through every day, women are always bought into situations without understanding what they are really signing up for", said Mbau.

"Having to go through and give my all to the character was quite demanding." 

She said she drew inspiration for her role from her past. 

"... being married to an older man, that had lots of money and how society then perceived me ... and then to find out what I thought was, wasn't at all and we lost everything that we had."

The movie is directed by Sans Moonsamy and will hit local theaters on 8 March.


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