Hullabaloo over 'stolen' Kruger leopard kill

Group of men take an impala which was allegedly killed by a leopard on the H7 this weekend.

Twitter / @LatestKruger

JOHANNESBURG - Some Twitter users got their knickers in a knot after watching a video of people purportedly 'stealing' a leopard's kill in the Kruger Park. 

On Tuesday, @LatestKruger tweeted the footage, which appeared to have been sent to them. 

In the video, a group of men are seen stopping on the side of the road, picking up what appears to be a dead Impala, and putting it in the back of a minibus. 

It was said that the leopard had just killed the Impala and had been frightened off. 

Some Twitter users called the so-called theft "shocking and outrageous", while others said "This is what goes on in Kruger Park, no law and order".

Several users called on Kruger Park authorities to find the culprits and fine them. 

But SANParks spokesperson Isaac Phaahla said there was nothing untoward about the Impala 'theft'. 

"The men seen in the video actually work for the facility and are deployed to pick up animals which have been killed or harmed near the roads."