WATCH: Bloodhound supersonic car on display during test


The Bloodhound SuperSonic Car, which is attempting to break the 1,000mph barrier in 2019, holds its first public test runs at Newquay airport.

JOHANNESBURG – The team behind the Bloodhound supersonic car have made a giant leap in its campaign of breaking the current world land speed record.

On Thursday, the team will for the first time ever roll out the 13.4 metres long, 7.5 tonne car, that they aim to break the record with on Hakskeen Pan in the Northern Cape in the near future.

Wing commander Andy Green is the current land speed record holder.

Green set the record at 1227,98 km/h 20 years ago.

He is in the UK to test the Bloodhound for the first time. 

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Green will put the car to test at Cornwall Airport Newquay in the UK in two runway trials.

Labelled as &39;low speed tests&39;, Green will drive the car on the Newquay airport’s runway to speeds of 200mph (about 322 km/h).