Locals meet Nigella


One of the worlds top TV chefs, Nigella Lawson, recently visited South Africa for the first time.? Fans turned out in droves to meet her.

CAPE TOWN – South African fans of self-proclaimed domestic goddess Nigella Lawson got to meet their favourite foodie icon this past weekend.

The former journalist turned cooking celebrity has been gracing television screens for several years.

Lawson was in the country to speak about how local retailers can connect more with their customers.

“I fit in as someone who feels, communication is very important in shops, what is essential is relationships, you go into a shop you need to trust someone. When I go shopping I go back to places where I know that people aren't trying to push someone onto me that they actually going to say, you know what you should try that or you should,” she said.

Since 1998, Lawson's cooking career has been almost instant success,
winning the British Book Award for Author of the Year for her critically acclaimed, How to be a Domestic Goddess.
She’s also starred in several TV cooking programmes.

Fans turned out in droves to meet Lawson.