Escape artist back on stage after act goes wrong

His head was grazed by an arrow from a crossbow. Courtesy #DStv403

PORT ELIZABETH - An escape artist narrowly escaped serious injury at the National Arts Festival in Makhanda this week, after a crossbow arrow grazed his head.

However, he is back on stage, performing more dangerous stunts.

In an elaborate stunt, to end off the show, Li Lau had to escape handcuffs and chains or face certain death.

In the video footage, Li Lau left the crowd in awe at his close shave.

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The dramatic finale went horribly wrong this week when Li Lau’s timing was slightly off and the arrow grazed the back of his head.

Li Lau, who is known as 'One Crazy China', was back on stage the next day.

The National Arts Festival has asked Brendon Peel and Li Lau, to remove the stunt from their show.

eNCA reporter Sandy McCowen has more details in the video above.