VIDEO: Man destroys DStv dish in support of Steve Hofmeyr

JOHANNESBURG - One fan of Steve Hofmeyr is not happy at MultiChoice's decision to ban his content on its platforms.

A video of a man destroying a DStv satellite dish in support of the controversial singer has gone viral on social media.

In the short clip, a man can be heard instructing another to take down his satellite dish in protest of the ban.

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“Is it loose, Boetman?” he asks. “Throw it down, it's rubbish!” he says in Afrikaans.

Once the dish is on the ground, the man proceeds to smash it using a hammer while the man taking the video can be heard saying he will no longer support MultiChoice.

The video also shows a woman destroying the DStv decoder with a hammer.

“They have decided they don’t like our Steve and Afrikaans, and I don’t like giving them my money anymore. If they want to destroy our language and land then we won’t give them anymore money.”

Earlier this week, the company revealed they would remove Hofmeyr's content from its platforms because the singer’s views are not aligned to its values.