Melania Trump makes waves with 'storm stilettos'


US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump depart the White House in Washington, DC, on August 29, 2017 for Texas to view the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey.

WASHINGTON – First Lady Melania Trump is making waves ... for her flood fashion.

The former model is always elegantly turned out and perfectly coiffed, and Tuesday was no exception as she left the White House with her president husband for storm-ravaged Texas.


Trump was photographed walking across the White House lawn in sky-high stiletto pumps, part of an outfit that included tailored capri pants, an army green bomber jacket with ruched sleeves and aviator sunglasses.


"Melania over here looking like Flood Watch Barbie," writer Maria Del Russo tweeted.

"Help is on the way, Texas! Don't worry, Melania has her special storm stilettos," television writer-producer Brad Wollack quipped.

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Added comedian Jessica Kirson: "Brilliant idea @FLOTUS. You can pick up debris with your heels."

President Donald Trump's outfit was more in line with what politicians normally wear to visit weary survivors of deadly natural disasters: a black hooded rain jacket, khaki trousers and brown boots.

A wide swath of Texas is reeling from monster storm Harvey, who has devastated coastal communities and left large parts of Houston -- America's fourth largest city -- underwater. Tens of thousands of people are packed into overcrowded shelters as authorities continue to pluck victims from rooftops.


The first lady changed into something a bit more disaster-appropriate on the flight to the hard-hit coastal city of Corpus Christi -- the Trumps' first stop Tuesday in Texas.

She stepped off Air Force One wearing black trousers and a white button up shirt, trading the stilettos for white tennis shoes.

She also wore a black baseball cap that read "FLOTUS," or the abbreviation for First Lady of the United States, setting off another round of Melania-bashing on Twitter.