Less 'Vrrrrrrrrr pha' in Volkswagen Golf GTD


Volkswagen Golf GTD.

JOHANNESBURG - Today a Volkswagen Golf GTD in a colour called Dark Iron Blue Metallic, arrived at our doorstep to spend an extended period of time with us. It will be returning sometime in mid-January next year.

We are looking forward to taking the car around different types of trips, including a long one down to the fun coastal city of Durban.

Because it’s powered by a diesel engine, we don’t expect to have too many trips to the pumps, despite the recent increase in fuel prices.

The Golf GTD was launched here in Mzansi in July and has contributed nicely to the ever-high sales of the Golf range.

Although touted as “the GTI or diesels”, the GTD is not necessarily a performance hot hatch. 

Yes, it exhibits bouts of hi-performance under certain instances, like overtaking.

But it does not put out those Vrrrrrrrrr pha vibes associated with the iconic GTI brand. 

So of course we will keep you posted on the performance, but mainly it will be the fuel consumption, ride experience and general public reaction that we will note more.

A quick recap of the car’s figures reads thus; 2.0-litre turbo diesel engine that produces 130kW of power and some creamy 350Nm of torque between 1 500rpm and 3 500rpm.

The motor is engaged to a 6-speed DSG automatic ‘box, which is quite essential when it comes to everyday driving, especially in Gauteng where IN4RIDE is based.