NGO urges communities to stand up for pregnant teens

Nearly one million girls could be blocked from going back to school because they have fallen pregnant this year. Barbara Kalima-Phiri from World Vision discusses this with Gareth Edwards. #DStv403


JOHANNESBURG - Nearly one million girls around the world could be barred from going back to school because they have fallen pregnant during the coronavirus pandemic.

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World Vision's Barbara Kalima-Phiri is urging communities to stand up against this.

She says these young girls deserve a second chance.

Kalima-Phiri said, "quite a lot of advocacy has to happen and within world vision we have what we call the "citizen voice in action" which is basically a community based action where communities demand what is right for them and communicate and work with government to ensure that these policies are put in place." 

"For example, in Zambia now they have the re-entry policy, in Tanzania, they are trying but not in the extent that we expect, in some of the west African countries after this was ruled that it is discriminatory, they've gone back to re-entry policy. There are some countries that are trying to put together those policies." 

"We at World Vision, are trying to work with churches, really just allowing the churches to have that voice that this is not fair on these young girls, I think you saw on the report that the sub-Saharan says the economy could suffer billions in GDP losses in addition to the loss and effects of the pandemic."

*Watch the full interview with Barbara Kalima-Phiri above


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