One woman's struggle: unemployment, single parenthood, sexism

Many women wake up before the crack of dawn each day to go out and make a living for their families by selling goods on the streets. Courtesy of #DSTV403

JOHANNESBURG - Women facing a crisis of unemployment have decided not to let circumstance dictate their situation and have found a means of survival in entrepreneurship.

One Johannesburg woman told eNCA about her daily struggles to put food on the table and raise her family as a single parent.

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Every Monday to Friday from 4am Catherine Montshusi sells vetkoek to provide for her family.

"I am a single mother of two and I have two grandchildren, but this is my life," she said.

Being a single parent has made it more difficult to get by.

The 53-year-old used to be a domestic worker but said long hours with poor remuneration and bad treatment turned her away from the work.

Montshusi said women have a long way to go to be treated as equal.

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"We're still not where we are supposed to be, women are still treated like we should be at home.

"Women's Day is one day, but we should be celebrated every day, because we do this every day, by me doing this on the dusty streets of Cosmo my child has clothes on her back."

She stated men don't face the same consequences for their behaviour as women.

Montshusi wants the government to help women like her make a living.