The Orbit - a new hangout for Joburg jazz lovers

JOHANNESBURG - The inner city on Johannesburg this past weekend welcomed a new venue: The Orbit - a club that aims to rekindle the spirit of jazz.

Situated in Braamfontien, The Orbit is set to become the new home for this often vibrant and thought-provoking musical genre.

On Friday night at the inaugural opening of the club, we were treated to wine, bubbly and the beautiful sounds of Feya Faku.

The club offers daily performances from upcoming to veteran jazz musicians. It also offers a platform for music students to play and mingle with a new jazz consumer base.

The owners say the club came about in the spirit of the old jazz clubs like Kippies and Baseline that had established Joburg as the capital city for jazz in southern Africa.

*See attached video.


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