Woolworths pulls Valentine's Day campaign following backlash

The company pulled the campaign after widespread backlash from consumers who said Woolies is using gender stereotypes.


JOHANNESBURG - Social media users are not in-love with the latest Woolworths Valentine's Day campaign.

The company pulled the campaign after several complaints from consumers on social media who felt that the campaign was gender stereotyping.

The advert featured statements that the company said are typical characteristics often seen in many relationships.

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The female version of the advert reads: “She orders a salad then steals your chips; she takes forever to get ready; she snuggles you to the edge of your bed; she uses your razor to shave her legs; she makes you her Instagram husband; she says she’s ‘fine’ when you know she’s not."

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While the male version reads: “He touches your hair; he doesn’t know the title to ‘your song’; he makes plans without telling you; he uses the wrong emoji’s in text messages and believes he’s entitled to the remote control; he thinks he knows better than Siri.”

Some social media users said the company was clearly sending a message that relationships can only exist between men and women.