Passionate Limpopo teacher bags AU award

Courtesy #DStv403

LIMPOPO - Hard work pays off, especially if you're Livhalani Sinyosi, who's won the African Union Continental Teacher Prize for 2020.

Sinyosi's won the Continental Teacher Prize 2020 for helping pupils achieve their long-term career goals and for her passion for the profession.

She says although the academic year was challenging, she and her team worked hard to ensure learning continued.

"We must make it a point that we uphold the integrity of the teaching profession. We must continue to adhere to the principle of lifelong learning," Sinyosi said.

Sinyosi is a school principal at Dzata in the Vhembe district, in Vuwani, Limpopo.

She's been in the education sector for 25 years and believes going the extra mile is important.

"I have 1,989 learners with only 51 teaching staff but we don't complain, we work. We know the department will give us more teachers. But if we stop teaching and complain, what will happen? What about the future of those poor learners?"

She plans to buy school uniforms for her pupils with part of the money earned from her award.


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