Secrets of a 200-million-year-old dinosaur egg

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The secrets of the worlds oldest dinosaur egg, which is housed in an underground vault at South Africa's Wits University will soon be known. University paleontologists say its the worlds oldest dinosaur egg

JOHANNESBURG - The secrets of a dinosaur egg found 40 years ago will soon be known. 

Wits University palaeontologists say it’s the oldest dinosaur egg.

It was sent overseas for analysis earlier this year. 

In an underground vault at Wits university are hundreds of thousands of ancient bones.

Researchers use them to tell the story how life functioned and thrived millions of years ago.

Discovering history’s secrets can be a slow process. 

But despite these challenges, South Africa is finding a handful of new dinosaur species each year, unearthed from farms and townships across the country.

* eNCA reporter Theresa Taylor filed this report. Watch the video in the gallery above.

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