Sick notes may not be enough to convince your employer

To discuss this further, attorney Natasha Moni joins us now. #Dstv403

JOHANNESBURG - A medical certificate may not be enough to convince your employer of illness.

Companies can request further information from your doctor if the sick note is for a Monday, Friday or a day after a public holiday.

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"Employees get an entitlement of 30 days sick leave in every three-year cycle and sometimes employees abuse that. If you abuse it more than a couple of days in an 8-week cycle, then the company is entitled to say that you need to explain this sick leave", said Natasha Moni, an attorney.

Moni said that if a company suspects abuse they can summon a medical practitioner who will then be required to write an affidavit or even be called in for questioning.

"Do not abuse sick leave. A company can place you under disciplinary inquiry for submitting fraudulent medical certificates and they won't pay you", she added.

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Moni also touched on the new parental leave that is currently being gazetted by the government.

"That is for a father who is not taking maternity leave and it is ten days. The perimeters around that are that you need to apply a month before the birth of your child and that the child should be registered under your name" Moni said.