Skin bleaching addictions

April 21 - Skin bleaching involves the lightening of the skin through the use of cosmetic, dermatological and homemade products. Some people bleach only their faces, while others also bleach their bodies. Some bleach for specific social occasions. People of all ages, races, complexions, and social classes participate in this global practice; the practice also stands regardless of gender or level of education.
The World Health Organisation (WHO) indicates 77 percent of women in Nigeria use skin-lightening products—the highest percentage in the world. Not far behind is Togo at 59 percent and Senegal at 27 percent. The trend is spreading, and women in the United States are starting to adopt this unhealthy beauty fad.
Many black women are addicted to skin bleaching. They believe that being lighter is more beautiful, but don’t realise the health dangers of bleaching. Terry Swoope looks at famous women from South Africa and abroad who have undergone this process.

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