Snapchat gender bender filter causes stir on social media

Snapchat does it again. It's got a new filter that changes your gender. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Multimedia messaging app Snapchat has introduced a new filter that changes your gender and social media is abuzz over it.

Several eNCA reporters got in on the action and the results are hilarious.

Although the filter has widely received good reviews, some people on social media have accused the filter of being transphobic, saying it encourages stereotypes.

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“In terms of gender identity I don’t think it a big deal these days as it was back then, in 2019 homosexuality or being gay I just think nobody has a problem at least I don’t and you can see my hair is looking good”, said Sandile kaNqose.

Those using the filter are encouraged to be mindful of the fact that gender-swapping might be fun online, many people continue to be killed for it across the globe.