'Miracle water' video gets the giggles

In a video shared on social media the young men can be seen 'transforming' after drinking water from Woolworths.

Twitter / @AneleMdoda

JOHANNESBURG - Woolworths has agreed to work with a group of youngsters after a video of them drinking water from the retailer went viral.

Social media users couldn't get enough of the video and called on the retailer to partner with the men for a campaign.

In the short video clip, the youngsters are walking out of the supermarket while describing in isiZulu that the water from the retailer has "special powers".

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Once outside the store, they each take a huge sip from the bottle of water and instantly start speaking English, but with an added twist.

"This is amazing, I can't believe it, this water is exquisite," said one.

Woolworths responded, saying "your video is exquisite and we’d love to amalgamate with you. Sliding into your DMs now... #keepitgoing #keepitflowing #WooliesWaterChallenge", said Woolworths in a tweet.


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