Somizi Mhlongo walks out of 'homophobic' sermon, mixed reactions


Somizi's hilarious water-saving video has got most people's attention.

JOHANNESBURG - Local celebrity Somizi Mhlongo wasn't going to take homophobic comments by a visiting pastor at the Grace Bible Church on Sunday sitting down.

Mhlongo walked out of the sermon after Ghanian Bishop Dag Heward-Mills called being homosexual "unnatural".

WATCH: The sermon that enraged Somizi  

Heward-Mills told congregants that you don't find homosexuality in nature - saying animals of the same sex don't have sexual relations with each other.

Mhlongo posted a video to Instagram after he walked out of the sermon saying he wasn't going to sit there and be offended.

“This is who I am. I am a gay man. Get it straight into your skull. My soul is alright with my God. Let me deal with my God and my soul. Don’t tell me.”



No opinion or advice needed. I'm just venting. @grace_bible_church

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"I am proud and I’m going to remain gay for the rest of my life."

Mhlongo stated in another Instagram post that the pastor should rather just say that homosexuals are not welcome at the church so gay people can find a church that will accept them. 





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The full sermon can be viewed below:




The internet had mixed views:

Mhlongo received as much criticism as support following the walkout.

Twitter followers reacted with mixed emotions under the hashtag #GraceBibleChurch












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