This South African app helps pupils pick out suitable careers

What are you going to study after school? Xhuma -meaning Connect- has developed an app that helps work out your aptitudes and provides options and guidance. Gareth Edwards talks to the co-Founders of Xhuma, Schalk Burger and Sicelo Joja. #eNCA Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Many high school pupils are at the stage where their parents ask, 'what do you want to do with your life'?

The problem is, however, that many do not know the answer to that question. While for some, they won't even know where to begin.

That is where the Xhuma app comes in. 'Xhuma' which means 'connect', was founded by Schalk Burger and Sicelo Joja.

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They have developed and accredited assessment app that helps work out your aptitudes and gives you options and guidance. Through the app, those looking to study further are able to get bursary opportunities.

"There's a cognitive, personality and interest component that brings everything together," says Burger. This helps pupils figure out what to do in taking into consideration their capabilities and interests.

For more, watch the interview above.


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