Stop. Block. Tell. Cyber Bullying is not OK

Everybody has a part to play in helping stop the needless online behaviour of cyber bullying. Play your part by using STOP, BLOCK TELL. Credit: YouTube / Luke Culhane Video: YouTube

Have you ever cyber-bullied someone?

Have you ever been cyber bullied?

Have you ever witnessed cyber bullying?

100% of teenagers say yes to one of those questions.

So that means everybody has a part to play in helping stop this needless behaviour online.

Play your part by using STOP, BLOCK TELL.

STOP: Stop and think before posting something online that might be upsetting to someone. Think about how you would feel if you were in their position.

BLOCK: If you are a victim of cyber-bullying you should block and report the person that has been bullying you.

TELL: If you think you are being cyber bullied, report it to a parent, teacher or guardian. Cyber bullying is not ok, nobody deserves it and we can all help to put a end to it for good!

* Watch the video in the gallery above, for a clearer insight into the damage inflicted by cyber bullying. It may seem harmless, but for the victims, it feels physical.


Credit: YouTube / Luke Culhane

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