Sun smart house runs solely on solar energy


13 October 2015 - Anthony Keen is a retired medical doctor and he is now an expert at going green. He runs his suburban home on solar power. His mission to get off the grid started over 30 years ago. ?

CAPE TOWN - Going green can be an expensive business, but one pensioner says it&39;s well worth it.

Anthony Keen runs his entire home on solar energy -- in fact, he even uses the sun to power his car.

The retired medical doctor is now an expert on going green.

Unlike his neighbours, he has never experienced load-shedding.

His house has a pre-paid meter, but it has hardly been used as almost all his electricity is generated by the sun.

On the roof, are a variety of solar panels. Some heat water, others provide electricity - enough to run all the household appliances.

"I produced quite a lot more quite a lot more energy than I was using so I banked up quite a lot of units in my meter which I am still using today so I have not paid an electricity bill in many years now," he says.

In the instance of overcast days, Keen has a battery system to store surplus power.

He also uses the batteries to charge his Fiat, which he converted into an electric car a year ago. It can travel up to 200 kilometres on a single charge.

But Keen says going off the grid hasn&39;t been cheap.

"You put up a heavy capital cost at the front but for the next 20 to 30 years your electricity cost from that stays the same ... and where will Eskom prices be in 30 years?"

Keen is convinced this long-term investment is the way to go.