Thembi Seete opens up about body issues

The media personality revealed that she used to be obsessed with the idea of being skinny.

Instagram / @thembiseete_

JOHANNESBURG - Thembi Seete has opened up about her journey towards a better lifestyle.

In a lengthy Instagram post, the actress and TV presenter revealed that she used to starve herself in an effort to try and lose weight.

"I then decided to drink diet pills and experimented on crash diets by starving myself daily, which worked because I lost the weight but yet I felt like I was dying."

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Seete said although she would lose weight while on crash diets, she would gain it all back again and it was all starting to affect her skin.

"I felt weak most of the time, my heart rate was high, felt constantly tired, sleepy and my concentration span was short," she added.

Thembi started a fitness Instagram page, which she hopes will inspire others to lead a better lifestyle.