WATCH: Good Samaritan gives thief a second chance

What would you do if you caught the man who’d robbed you? Well, KwaZulu-Natal businessman, Siya Gasa decided to employ him.


DURBAN -  A KwaZulu-Natal businessman who has lost his valuables has decided to employ his robber. 

Siya Gasa's bag was stolen from his van last month, but he managed to track down his robber.

"We got the information and description of the person who had taken my bag, we then managed to set a trap for that person," Gasai said.

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In a bizarre turn of events, Sanele Ngubo now works for Gasa. 

But why employ a thief? 

The businessman says he wanted to guide the 21-year-old.

"I said let's try and not harm him, Iet me try and protect him. Because if you open a case for somebody, he goes to jail and comes back even more dangerous," Gasa said. 

Ngubo has been breaking into cars since he was in Grade 8. 

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He blames his actions on poverty. 

"It's painful when you come back from school and there is nothing in the pot," he said. 

Gasa says he is confident Ngubo will make most of this opportunity.