Everest '96: Present Day - going down memory lane


A collection of notes and tapes from Patrick Conroy's time, covering South Africa's first Everest expedition in 1996.

JOHANNESBURG - Patrick Conroy speaks to Talk Radio 702&39;s John Robbie about the challenges he faced while covering South Africa&39;s first ever Everest expedition. 

Robbie and several other talk show hosts, including Dan Moyane and Jeremy Maggs played a big role in Conroy&39;s efforts to tell the Everest story. 

Conroy says he found himself getting very close to the team and was challenged by his need to be an independent journalist and a member of the team.

"If you&39;re going to live on the Khumbu Glacier with a group of individuals, you can&39;t be at arms length from them. You&39;re going to bond or you&39;re going to break."

Listen below to find out more about his trip.