Trevor Noah buys $20-million home in LA: report

Trevor Noah has reportedly spent $20-million (R279-million) on a new home.

YouTube / Luxury Houses - American Homes / screengrab

LOS ANGELES - Daily Show host Trevor Noah has reportedl spent $20-million (R279-million) on a new home in Bel-Air, Los Angeles.

TMZ reported on Tuesday that the South African comedian reportedly bought the amazing double storey bachelor pad through a blind trust.

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The 10,044 square feet mansion apparently has a home theater, infinity pool, a saltwater aquarium and five bedrooms with beautiful views of LA.

In August 2018, Luxury Houses shared a video of the home on their website which also features a range of other luxuries homes around America.

LUXURY HOUSES Location: 11507 Orum Road, Los Angeles, CA 90049